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How we lead

CF’s Leadership Competencies define success at CF.  They guide who we hire, how we train, who we promote, how we reward and more. Our shared view of what it means to lead will ensure we continue to live our values and grow our business. With leadership excellence across all jobs and roles, we will do it right, do it well, execute as a team and take a long-term view – every time.  Because that’s what it means to be CF. 

We lead from where we are:  All CF employees are expected to demonstrate leadership competencies, whether you are the newest individual contributor or the most seasoned business executive.

Everyone can learn to lead better. Leaders are not born, they are developed, and continue to learn throughout their careers. You can strengthen your own leadership abilities and coach others to do so. Understanding what distinguishes leadership at CF is an important first step in this career-long process.

Leadership behaviors essential for success at CF

Building a culture of belonging


Safe to be Yourself

At CF Industries, safety comes first, and the inclusive and diverse culture we strive for every day is no exception: it starts with feeling safe to bring your true self to work. We do this by embracing our differences, learning about and respecting each other’s unique perspectives and experiences. When we do this well, everyone is empowered to be their best and do their best.

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